Katarina Boudreaux is a writer, musician, composer, tango dancer, and teacher -- a shaper of word, sound, and mind. She returned to New Orleans after circuitous journeying.  Her chapbook Anatomy Lessons is available from Flutter Press.  Her play Awake at 4:30 is a finalist in the 2016 Tennessee Williams Festival. WEB

The White Bike on Rampart

He said
“I’ll see you
except he 

The ice was
a sheathed
and his heart
an open 
pin cushion. 

A ghost bike
not long after
the tires came
and took,
and some people
who knew 
the way his 
mouth moved
put flowers.

I didn’t. 

You never liked
as they were 
doomed to die
too early
in the teeth
of the world.