Submissions are now closed. 

Jazz Cigarette #5 will go live October 1st, 2017.



To be in any form … what is that?


For our fifth issue, we’re looking for work in various types of form poetry. Our definitions are loose. We want to see you bend old rules and make us rethink possibilities. Text & image blends are perfectly acceptable; we love diversity of shape. Maybe you’ve got a reputation as some kind of alt- post- whatever, and you’d like to diversify your audience. Maybe you tried something knew, and found your soul singing a different mode. Consider it an experiment in solicited poetics.

Send all submissions as a single attached DOCX, RTF or PDF. Visual work may be sent as individual JPEG or TIFF files. 

Send us 3-5 poems displaying any of the following: 

Villanelle, Pantoum, Ghazal (seven stanzas to two pages), Rondeau, Visual Poetry (sculpture poetry, erasures, etc. book scratches/scribble graffito welcome), Abecedarian, Triolet, Haibun, Concrete Poetry (we caution writers against anything cutesy), Code Poetry, GIF Poetry, Cento (citing all surnames), weird Sestina, any type of Hybrid form, Asemic Writing, Tanka Sequence (no singles), Renga, and if you write us an englyn, we’ll definitely read that.


Accepted files:       DOCX       RTF       PDF       TIFF       JPEG

What we aren’t interested in this time around: Sonnet, Haiku (sorry kids, try out
haibun), or Prose Poetry

NOTE: Submissions to this issue are open to anyone except contributors to #4. Poets included in the first three issues of Jazz Cigarette are eligible.

All Submissions Must Also Contain:

A short cover letter
denoting which of the above modes you have used.

You can even explain it if you want, just don’t bore us to death.

A succinct third person bio, 2-3 sentences. Please list your most recent book/chap/show/whatever. If citing previous journal appearances, please list no more than seven.

If it doesn’t follow, it isn’t read. Simple, right?

Send all submissions to subeditors [at]