Each page's clickable icon is from The Greater Key of Solomon: Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of King Solomon's Secret Produce, Its Mysteries and Magic Rites​ (1914), by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Courtesy of archive.org.

Yvan Guillo, AKA Yvang, AKA Samplerman, is an obscure French cartoonist. He lives and works on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. He takes a lot of blurry pictures of the clouds in the sky at morning. He has not received any award for his comics, but he's fine with that.

Seth Copeland​, Managing Editor

​Colton Rowe​, Selections Editor

Cover: Numeric Windsor Mushrooms ​(2016), composed by Yvan Guillo for Jazz Cigarette #3.

J A Z Z  C I G A R E T T E #3